About Me

Hi everyone,

My name’s Andy Taylor and I put this small (but straight to the point) “spot-blog” together for anyone interested in recording streaming video or recording pretty much anything from your computer screen so that you can watch it on your PC or TV at your own leisure. I’m a big fan of multimedia and have been in the business for just under 15 years mainly in video production and editing and now working on multimedia tutorial / eLearning projects.

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Probably just like you, I lead a pretty hectic life with work, family and friends. So when I come across time-limits that the broadcasters place on when you can watch stuff, I always seem to miss them! And I don’t keep a diary of figuring out when I want to see programmes…

So when a programme  ‘expires’ that I really wanted to see, I just want to jump up and scream! Want to record from iPlayer, Channel 4 or Hulu (US) ? Interested on replaying it on your TV from your computer?

If you’re interested in turning your computer into a simple video recorder, you should find the answers in the various posts in this blog and will avoid boring you on the technical details where possible. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me at andy@recordiplayer.com

Happy reading,

Andy Taylor